“ Myself Savitha K R would prefer to introduce Springfield as the preferred 2nd school for my son. Its been last 2 years we are sending our son to Springfield for Speech therapy, Special Education and OT. Its through the planned intervention my son has started speaking and continuing now for making it better. As a parent it was a long journey to find a right therapy centre at Cochin which got ended up at Springfield. Till finding this place i had to take my son to various places for each therapies based on quality. Why i preferred Springfield is because of quality of all therapies under one roof with a strong and experienced mentor, Close structured interventions along with parents/ class teachers inputs, Safety of my son, Ambience, Approachable management and such a wonderful team where am sure that my son will get valuable inputs for better tomorrow. I have recommended and will continue the same for the kids who need intervention".
Mrs.Savitha K R.
“ After checking therapy centers around Trivandrum and Thrissur, we found Spring Fielding through a happy parent, who brings her child there regularly for therapy. With spacious roomslift facility, homely food, safe and airy surroundings, very friendly and accommodating staff and therapists, Spring Fielding is like no other! Our daughter is quite new there. But she has already started loving being there and benefits from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education provided on a daily basis by this institution. Hoping to see changes in her soon. God bless this amazing institution and the hands working tirelessly to deliver a good service.
Dr. B. Jacob, Qatar..
Beenajb2014@gmail.com 00974 – 33148525
My daughter is studing in 8th standard at Marthoma Public School, edachira, Kakkanad, Kochi. She is diagnosed as a slow learner and was struggling to do the lessons and score pass marks in the class. One of my neighbour recommended the Spring Fielding Therapy Center at Ponnurunni Vyttila. I am bringing my child here for Special Classes with nmadam Beena who has decadeds of experience in this line. I am very happy to note my daughter's steady improvement. I continue with her classes here since may 2015. I am a satisfied parent.
Mrs. manjusha Santhosh
Mobile: 9594331017.
My son is an autistic child undergoing Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Special Education at Spring Fielding Therapy Center for the last three years, regularly. Thankfully, with dedicated intevention of therapists and special educators at Spring Fielding Therapy Center, Vyttilla , cochin, my son's condition has become quite managable, much to our relief. I do not hesitate to recommend Spring Fielding Therapy Center for those who require their service.
Dr. Rakhi Deepak,Mobile:9447163598.
My son Febin Peter Is a slow learner. He was constantly getting isolated in the class as he could not maintain the level expected of. I was sent to Spring fielding therapy center by one of his teachers. He is undergoing Special Education classes to establish his foundation in languages. His teacher in special education is very patient and caring to my son. His class teacher told me that he is showing good signs for improvement. I am coming to this Institute since last two months. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I hope my son would show remarkable improvement
Mrs. Bindu Peter, Mobile:9526430774