Our Services

portfolio_6Occupational Therapy; Speech Therapy; Special Education ( for Slow learners - School going children); NIOS coaching on IEP basis; Behaviour Modification Therapy; Physiotherapy; Neuro Development Therapy; Sensory Integration Therapy; IQ Assessment; Learning Center ( for Autistic & CP children); Pediatric & Parental Counselling; Psychometric Assessments; Brain Gym; Coaching classes for CBSE, ICSE & State Syllabus for school going students (1 st standard to 12 th standard).

  • Speech-language therapy helps to coordinate the mechanics of speech and language for effective Communication.
  • Occupational therapy becomes vital behind several areas of perfomance in a child.
  • Special Education and reference that is specially intended to meet the unique needs of a child
Our Therapists

Our Staff include therapists providing Occupational, Physio Therapy, Speech & Behavioral Therapy and Special Education

Our Services

Special Coaching*

(regular batches)for slow learners.

Speech and Language Therapy

support and care for children

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Occupational Therapy

the therapeutic use of daily activities.

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Special Education

services are available to eligible students


Using mechanical force and movements

Neuro Development Therapy

To improve a child's acquisition of developmental milestones.


Child counseling and Parental Counseling

Resource Assessment

services are available to eligible students

Conditions and disorders we attend to

Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Syndrome (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs)

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Intellectual Disability or (MR)

Down’s syndrome

Behavioural Problems

Gulf Syndrome


Muscular dystrophy & M. atrophy